Celebrating Women's Day: Empowering Women in Healthcare

Senior Living
March 12, 2024

On this International Women's Day 2024, let's celebrate the resilience and strength of women while advocating for their health and wellness. My name is Dr. Schekesia Meadough, DNP, MSN-Ed, RN, CDP, and I am honored to serve as the VP of Health and Wellness at ONELIFE Senior Living. In this role, I oversee the clinical operations of our organization with a strong focus on promoting wellness and a holistic approach to care.

Working in this industry has always been fulfilling, but my role with ONELIFE is particularly special due to its significant growth following the merger of Ally Senior Living and ONELIFE Senior Living. This merger has allowed me to lead the launch of the Wellness and Memory Care program, addressing the critical need in our aging population, particularly in Alzheimer's care.

With over 6 million Americans living with Alzheimer's, and the number projected to double by 2050 according to Alz.org, investing in women's health and wellness is more important than ever.

At ONELIFE, we're committed to empowering and uplifting women, especially within the senior care industry.

We recognize the need for more women to join our ranks and utilize their unique gifts to make a tremendous difference in the lives of our aging population. International Women's Day's theme, "#InvestInWomen," resonates deeply with our mission to foster diversity, inclusivity, and empowerment.

With CEO Dan Williams strong backing for empowering women at ONELIFE, our efforts gain significant value. His encouragement drives our mission, making it impactful and rewarding.