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Who We ARe

ONELIFE develops, owns and operates a growing collection of senior communities designed to provide those in their legacy years the care, support, and encouragement they need to live healthy, happy lives. We combine advancements in healthcare, and especially those in the treatment of memory care, with innovations in residential hospitality to keep seniors engaged, families connected, and communities whole.

Our Mission and vision

our vision

Empowering Lives, Inspiring Purpose: ONELIFE envisions a world where every individual discovers greater purpose and deep meaning through abundant opportunities and unwavering support, enhancing one’s journey.

our Mission

In every ONELIFE community, our mission is to wholeheartedly support, empower, and enhance the lives of each resident, colleague, and family we serve.



The Falk family’s history in senior living goes back to 1962, when Dr. Rollin Falk built Forest Glen Senior Residence, a six-story community in Canyonville, Oregon, next to his doctor’s office.

In 1983, Dr. Greg Falk moved back to Canyonville after medical school to work alongside his father in his medical practice. Greg ran the family practice and simultaneously continued the family legacy of caring for seniors by becoming an investor in senior care communities across the country starting in the 1990’s.

With a lifetime of exposure to senior living through Greg, Zack Falk wanted to better
understand every aspect of senior living from the ground up. He followed in the family tradition by moving back to Canyonville, and worked as a cook in a 52-bed memory care community, then explored all aspects of the operations.

In 2009 Zack started ONELIFE and carefully curated an operations team to collaborate, innovate and excel with a mission to create a dynamic environment for staff by fostering creativity, collaboration, and continuous improvement that promotes resident’s overall well-being, independence, and quality of life.

In the early 2000's Dan Williams was starting his own path into senior living by way of living and working within a 110-apartment senior living community in Montgomery, Alabama. Dan discovered his passion for helping seniors and their families and he's never looked back. He's been involved in developing over 30 new communities and has provided direct leadership for over 100 stabilized communities.

In 2023, two great companies ONELIFE Senior Living and Ally Senior Living joined forces to better support the communities and teams they represented.